Thursday, April 3, 2014

Saint Feasts in April - Activity Roundup

Easter will be the big celebration in our home this April but I didn't want to neglect the various Saints who happen to celebrate their feast day during this month. I've chosen a few well known Saints and have put together a list of various activities we plan to enjoy to celebrate. I hope they give you inspiration and great joy.
Have fun!

St Bernadette - April 16 
I found a coloring book for Our Lady of Lourdes on Amazon
The Happy Saints Book 1 ebook has prayer cards and poster of St. Bernadette we can color

Legend says St. George slayed a dragon - these dragon crafts will be perfect to celebrate

How about make a dragon from an egg carton or make a dragon puppet or even make a paper chain dragon.

St. Mark - April 25
Since St. Mark is associated with a lion I'm going to trying these fun lion crafts. All I need to do is add angel wings.
The blog Craftulate has a great post full of Lion crafts

I love this Lion 
Paper Plate craft from No Twiddle Twaddle


I love this idea from Catholic Icing to transform Dr Pepper into:


The Happy Saints Book 2 ebook has posters and prayer cards to color
I found another St. Catherine coloring page at Waltzing Matilda

How about we make Hand print Lilies like these from Easy Preschool Crafts

Last month I purchased this ebook from Catholic Icing: (BTW - it's not free anymore)

Now Alexa and I can make puppets for any Saint we choose to celebrate. I'm looking forward to the Saintly Puppet shows we are going to enjoy.

Until next time,

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