Monday, April 7, 2014

Art Box Essentials

Alexa loves to create art. We currently have collections of paints, water colors, crayons, markers, glitter, pom poms, stickers and paper scattered in several places around the house. 

I have been searching for ways to keep everything organized in Alexa's room so she can easily create without  having to wait for me to gather all of her materials. 

Creating collages is her favorite form of art right now so corralling those materials has been my first project.

My solution is an art tackle box we found at Hobby Lobby. Alexa picked it out and of course loves that it's pink.

 The compartments are perfect for her pom pons, glitter, sequins and googly eyes

The bottom holds all of her stickers

Alexa was so excited about her new art box she wanted to bring it to "share day" at school. Her teachers loved the added materials for the wind socks the class was making. Alexa had so much fun sharing her art materials with her friends and having them in the box kept them neat and organized.

Next project: All of her paints. If you have any paint organizing ideas, I'd love to see them. Just send me a comment.

Until next time,

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