Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making Colored Beans

I'm always looking for fun items for Alexa to use in collages. When a friend if my gave me an bag of beans I knew that with a little color they would be perfect.  

 1. Find a bag of white dried beans
2. Divide beans and place theme in individual zip-lock bags. I used four.

3. You can use food coloring with a bit of rubbing alcohol but I chose to use my favorite liquid watercolor because the color always comes out much brighter
 (I purchased it from Discount School Supply). 
Place a small amount of watercolor in the bag and shake. 
Place on cookie sheet to dry.

 Don't you love these gorgeous colors?

Do you have a favorite collage material? I would love to hear about it, so please leave me a comment below.
Until next time,

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