Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes #11

--- 1 ---
Our Fashionista

Alexa has her own sense of style and we really enjoy the outfits she comes up with. This was her choice for a recent trip to the mall. 

--- 2 ---
Basketball Lessons

Jacob wanted to give Alexa a chance to feel what it's like to dunk and hang off the rim.

--- 3 ---
New Team

Jacob is now a Hoya - No he's not headed to Georgetown. The Hoyas is his new AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) travel basketball team. We thought we would have a quite spring and summer but this was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. 

--- 4 ---
Work has been busy

Last weekend our church had it's annual dinner auction to raise money for youth ministry, religious education and the elementary school.  My responsibility was decorating for the event. Stayed turned for a post later in the week with all the details. 

--- 5 ---
20 years!!!!!
On Wednesday Jim and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. We had a fun mini vacation in Sonoma County. I will be sharing our favorite places in Sonoma County post soon.   

--- 6 ---
Photography Fun
While away on our mini vacation, Jim and I headed to Bodega Bay with my new camera. I got some amazing shots. This one I was playing with the aperture but I really can not remember what I did. 

--- 7 ---
Photoshop Fun!
In the town of Bodega there is a little church, you may have seen it before. Saint Teresa of Avila Church was one of the backdrops for the Hitchcock movie The Birds. I had some fun playing with this picture in Photoshop Elements. 

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Until next time,
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