Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 Favorites While Sitting in the Jury Room

Each Wednesday I plan to participate in the Five Favorites link party on the Moxie Wife  blog.

As I'm writing to you today, I am sitting in the county courthouse fulfilling my civic duty. That is praying that I don't get picked for a jury. I'm just playing. I will admit on one hand it could be fun and exciting like living my own real life version of Law and Order. On the other hand, serving on a jury would put a huge kink in my well oiled household.........
Wait sorry dozed for a minute..... I mean my fly by the seat of your pants, just make it to school before the final bell kind of household. (The first was a lovely thought though.)

In honor of my 8 to 5 gig in the jury waiting room here are my five favorites while I'm here:

1. The table and chair I found next to one of the only electrical outlets in the room. I'll be able to pin on Pinterest all day.

2. The lovely lady who joined me at my table thus allowing me to always have someone saving my seat. I did have a huge cup of coffee before getting here.

3. The brand new courthouse (opened in 2010) with horrible acoustics. I have been able to hear everyone's cell phone conversations including the man who if chosen for a murder trial will give his friend his badge so he can attend instead. I'm sure the man was joking but you never know.

4. The movie we had to watch giving us instructions on the importance of a  juror and walked us through the whole trial process.  I think we could have watched an episode of Law and Order instead or at least I think Sam Waterston should have played the roll of  the attorney. Maybe they could have added the dramatic gavel sound at the intro. Actually when the movie first began we had audio but no video which caused one man to comment, "So this is what our taxes paid for."

5. And finally the opportunity to see how our system really works. Without the dramatic music, gavel thumps and pretty faces. (You can't deny Law and Order has the best looking prosecutors.)

Even though the day I received my summons, I wished I would be in the excused group or even the come later in the day group and with all kidding aside, I do feel a sense of honor sitting here, waiting and waiting and waiting.

When I can I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Until next time,

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