Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's The Month for Love: Favorite TV Couples

It's almost Valentine's Day and I thought is would be fun to look at some of my favorite TV couples. I enjoy TV and admittedly I probably watch to much. I love a great TV couple and will watch faithfully to see if they ever over come the odds and finally live happily ever after.  Here they are in no particular order:

Chuck and Sara from the TV show Chuck - I was so disappointed when this show was cancelled. They were the unlikely couple who were so perfect together.

Prince Charming and Snow White (David & Mary Margaret) from the show Once Upon a Time, how can I not have the most famous fairy tale couple on the list. 

Tony and Ziva from NCIS. I know they never officially became a couple but I had spent so many years routing for them, I had to add them.  

Matthew and Lady Mary from Downton Abbey - It took so much for them to finally be together then it was over in one moment. I'm still mourning last season.

Chandler and Monica from Friends. I just loved when the show decided to put them together. 

Tom and Lady Sybil from Downtown Abbey  - Lady Sybil was always the rebel in the family. She and Tom fought to be together and it made for TV magic. While the relationship of Matthew and Lady Mary was the love story the show centered most around it was Lady Sybil and Tom won my heart.

Who are your favorite TV couples?

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