Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's on my iPhone? - My Favorite Catholic Podcasts

At the beginning of the year I launched My Life's a Treasure - The Podcast. You can enjoy my most recent episode by clicking the podcast player at the top of this blog post. 
I began listening to podcasts about 7 or 8 year ago, at that time there were only a handful of good Catholic podcasts out there and I faithfully listened to them all. The appeal of listening to a podcast is the ability to listen at my own pace. Unlike a radio show where you are forced to listen to the topic that they choose to present at the specific time you can listen, a podcast can be downloaded and enjoyed when you want to hear the topic. 
With the launch of the new podcast I thought it would be fun to share the many podcasts that have given me inspiration and courage to embark on this new adventure.

Here are my favorite Catholic podcasts in no particular order: (click the titles to go to the websites)

Catholic Weekend: Each Saturday a group of Catholic podcasters and bloggers come together to discuss Catholic and world news of the week. This podcast can be watched live on their website. I've yet to make a live show because I always forget to set my alarm in the morning. One day I will watch and chat with other listeners in the chat room.

 Catholic in a Small Town - One of the first podcasts I began listening too so many years ago. Mac and Katherine are hilarious and it has been fun watching their boys grow up through listening to their podcast.
 The Break used to be a daily podcast called The Daily Breakfast but as Fr. Roderick began producing more shows he needed change to The Break and podcast weekly. No matter daily or weekly this is a fun show to listen to each week.
 Geek Priest - Fr. Roderick's newest podcast. He started it after the release of his book Geek Priest. The book is on my February reading list. Geek Priest offers everything from the geek world, computers, video games, Star Wars (that's his favorite topic) and superheros. I love listen to a Catholic priest with so much passion for all things Geek.
Just A Catholic Dad - One of the newest podcasts on my iPhone. I've only heard 3 episodes but I'm already fascinated with Catholic Dad's accent.  I could listen to him talk all day.
 Catholic Vitamins - Another new find and quickly becoming my go to podcast for Catholic teaching material. Just yesterday I used a segment about the mass in my Confirmation class.
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday - Each week Mark Hart shares a reflection on the upcoming Sunday readings.
 The Catholic Next Door - Their first podcast The Rosary Army Podcast was one of the very first podcast I had ever listened to. A few years ago they made the jump to satellite radio and had a show called The Catholics Next Door on The Catholic Channel. The Catholic Channel cancelled the show so Greg & Jennifer went back to their roots and started podcasting again. I was so happy since I couldn't catch the radio show because it aired while I was at work.

You can find and subscribe to each of these shows on iTunes and of course you can find my show - My Life's a Treasure - The Podcast on iTunes also.

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