Friday, January 3, 2014

A Year of Dates - The Ultimate Date Night Gift

Every year Jim & I talk about scheduling date nights once a month and every year we go on about 2 or 3. The problem is we never schedule them ahead of time so every other activity you can think of lands on our calendar leaving us with no time left. When we do find time we never know what to do so we end up just going to dinner.  This Christmas I took a proactive approach to our dating by putting together 12 fun dates and presenting them to Jim on Christmas day.

The Dating Divas was my lifesaver. This site is full of date ideas and fun ways to package them. There are load of printable tags I used to create a fun gift for under the tree. I also utilized sites like Groupon and Amazon Local to find deals for adventures we can enjoy.

Here are the plans for the year:
January: Popcorn, Beer and a Movie at a local movie theater. I found this on Amazon local. We will be going to a fun movie theater that has sofas and love seats for seating.

February: Fireproof Date from the Dating Divas - A stay home night watching the movie Fireproof, then we will take The Love Dare for the month.

March: Corn Beef Sandwiches at a Historic Pub in San Francisco. From Groupon I was able to purchase a coupon for a great price. This will be one of two lunch dates I have planned for us during the work week.

April: Baseball themed date - This one I'm still working on. I'm not sure if it will be a movie marathon of great baseball movies or checking out a Giants Game. Tickets for the Giants go on sale in February so if a game fits our schedule that's where we are headed.

May: Laser Fun - An Amazon local find to a fun Laser Experience in SF. I have no idea what it's about but it looked fun and the price was right.

June: Maleficent - This movie opens end of May so this June we will be checking it out. Maleficent stars Jim's favorite actress Angelina Jolie and fulfills my love of Disney and fairy tales.

July: The Color Code Date  from the Dating Divas - This will be a fun and interesting at home date. We will be taking the Color Code test to see what color fits our personalities. I have my theories, so we will see if I'm right.

August: 20 Questions or more Date - We head to Starbucks with a bag full of questions. I already purchased the Starbucks card and added it to the bag of questions. It's never to late to learn more about each other.

September: Food Truck Crawl - Jim works in San Francisco and food trucks are everwhere during the week. This will be another lunch date I have planned for us.

October: The Bookstore Date from the Dating Divas - we will be going on a scavenger hunt at our local Barnes and Noble

November: Chocolate Tasting Date from the Dating Divas - Jim and I love chocolate and since we will be heading into the holiday season there will be several variations of chocolate for us to try.

December: Bucket List Date from the Dating Divas - I added a bucket to the gift with a his and her's blank list for us to complete. The goal is to come together to create our Family Bucket List for 2015.

The fun with putting this together was watching Jim try to figure out what was in the box under the tree for two weeks. He was very surprised and loved all the dates we will be going on.

If you have any fun date night ideas to share, please leave me a comment.

Until next time,

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