Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Healthy 2014 - Let's Detox

 While our word for 2014 is contentment - there are a few things I am unable to be content with. This includes my weight and my health. I'm sorry to say I am currently at my largest weight in my life, not counting my pregnancy weight period. I don't plan to share the number but at 4 foot 11 inches I don't have much wiggle room between ideal weight and overweight. And since I have arthritis in both hips and menopause on the horizon I need to really make a go at some real lifestyle changes this year.
I hate the word diet and I hate being on a diet. I'm always soooooo hungry and grumpy when I purposefully deprive myself of food. I have also found that being on a diet just doesn't work for me because once I hit my goal weight, I start eating the foods I deprived myself of and eventually I'm right back where I started.
I also hate the word exercise and I hate exercising - this I feel I can not avoid. I need to get active because it is clear chasing Alexa around just is not going to cut it. Last year we joined a gym and I embarrassed to admit I have not stepped foot inside since the end of summer. It's time to cross that threshold.
A plan is in order and so my first few steps will be:

  1. Gradually adding new nutritious habits into my life - First up water!
  2. Get back to the gym, even if it's just for 20 minutes on the treadmill
  3. Detox my body
I have been collecting detox resources and plan to start with taking a detox bath. 

I found a great blog post by Vanessa Romero at Healthy Living How To entitled Why and How to Take a Detox Bath.  

Another blog post I encountered is from Sara at My Messy Messy Life . She too shares an Epsom salt bath but she also adds many other useful tips.  My favorite is to get a massage. 

I would love to have you share any of your healthy goals, tips or words of wisdom and be sure to check back soon for an update on my progress. 

Until next time,

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