Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Coffee Bar

I have a major coffee addiction. I'm sure I inherited it from my parents. They too enjoy several cups of coffee a day. We just ordered a new Keurig coffee machine from QVC and so I decided to put together a coffee bar in my kitchen.

My coffee pods are kept in the wooden box under the coffee machine. I purchased it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The new coffee cups are from Cost Plus. They come in several sizes and you can also get them in white. I love the colors.  

My wire basket (which I already had) holds all the makings for a great cup of coffee. Cinnamon, creamer, chocolate chips and of course sugar. I used old jars and Starbucks bottles to store it all. I purchased the labels at Staples. They are the chalk board labels from the Martha Stewart collection.

I have been enjoying my morning, mid morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening cups of coffee, now that I have everything I need in one place.

Until next time,

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  1. Karri:

    What a great idea! Love it and it looks nice too! this would really go over well in my home of coffee drinkers.


    1. Thanks Rita, looking forward to having you over to see it in person.

  2. Too cute! I can't wait to put together a coffee bar...maybe one day when I don't live in apartments anymore I can have room for that!

    1. Oh I remember apartment living. I will say I actually have a fairly small kitchen and still made it work. You may want to try or even put a cart in the dining room area that can serve as a coffee bar.

  3. Yum! It is adorable too! Great job with repurposing thos e jars and making them look awesome :)

    1. Thanks Karen, You are the best at re-purposing so a compliment from you means a lot.

  4. Awesome idea! I don't drink coffee, but I have something similar set up for tea; I have a tray with everything I need on it out on the counter so it's easy to access. :-) Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

    1. Thank you Jessi - A tray is a great idea, then you can move everything to the table when you have guests.

  5. Looks great...I love how you re-purposed those jars, I just used some peanut butter jars for xmas decorating :) Good to know Staples has those labels, thanks! Happy Holidays


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