Thursday, December 6, 2012

Feast of Saint Nicholas Activity

 Today we celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas. We had never done a project for the feast day before so I headed over to the St. Nicholas Center for ideas. The website has some great ideas for older children. I found most of the things they had to choose from were to advanced for Alexa. I decided on the idea of making St. Nicholas from a toilet paper tube. I had plenty of tubes and Alexa loves to play with paint. I prepped the cut out of his head and arms ahead of time and Alexa enjoyed painting the tube red. I love how she chooses one spot and just paints in that area. She does the same when she colors.

When the paint dried I glued on the head and arms and we placed it on our tree in the family room. 

Until next time,

Equipping Catholic Families
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