Sunday, November 25, 2012

In the Christmas Spirit-Decorating

The morning after Thanksgiving, my first words to Jim were, "Honey, could you get the boxes?" I'm so lucky he got right on it and by Friday evening we were all done decorating the house. I was teased by a few of my friends who saw my Instagram pictures announcing my plans for the day. I look at it this way, I want as much time as possible to enjoy my decorations and at least I didn't start to decorate after Halloween. 

This year decorating was a breeze because of a single step Jim & I took last year when putting everything away. I labeled the boxes. Such a simple thing to do, I don't know why we hadn't done it before. With all my boxes labeled I wasn't spending my time searching for items. I was able to move from one area to another opening one box at a time. 
My labeled boxes - ready to be emptied. I will also be filling them up again with the everyday decorating items that the Christmas decorations will be replacing for the season.

Now for my home:
Our Christmas village - it's a hodge podge of Department 56 collectibles and Mervyn's department stores houses.

My 2nd village of Clayworks candle houses. I use battery operated candles with these because of the fake snow. I don't want to start a fire.

Our mantel - I'm starting a collection of Nutcrackers. I would like to find stocking holder's that are Nutcrackers so I can have the entire mantel in just Nutcrackers.

I love snowmen and now have them in two separate spaces in my house. I love my snowman tree.

My collection of angels also expands for the season. My Jim Shore angels are always on display throughout the year and each Christmas they are joined by these ladies.

Can't have decorations without Santa. I feature my collection each year on my ledge above the dining room.

Each year we have two trees. A real one in the living room that we will get in a few weeks and this one, my favorite tree. It is located in my family room and is filled with stuffed animals and homemade ornaments. All the ornaments are one Jacob made when he was young. I'm so excited to start adding Alexa's handmade ornaments this year. 

My prayer table is transformed each holiday and becomes my Nativity table. I feature all my figures depicting Christ's birth. The tree has small nativity ornaments and we will be adding Jesse Tree ornaments each day during the Advent season. 

The reason for the season. We await the arrival of our Savior. On Christmas Eve when we return home from evening mass we will add him to our Nativity scene, until then we prepare. More on that later. 

How do you decorate for the holidays?

Until next time,

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  1. So festive:) You have me in the mood for Christmas right now! Love the fact that baby Jesus doesn't show up until Christmas Eve.

    1. Thanks Evelyn, looking forward to see how you decorate this year.

  2. I really meant to decorate last weekend, but one thing led to another and all I accomplished was putting away the fall decorations..... But tomorrow (really today - Saturday) we are decorating!!! Better late than never that's my motto!

  3. Hi I am coming from your Christmas decorations and great way to store them for the next year.

  4. I love your Christmas village! I have always wanted one but never know where to start, they are all too cute. Stopping by from the Favourite Thing Friday blog hop :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Let me tell you it has taken a while to collect all the pieces. The first year my husband and I were married we bought a village set with 3 pieces at an after Christmas sale. Then my aunt began buying me a piece every year. I also inherited many of the accessories when she passed away last year. For my snow village I had asked for several pieces on year for my birthday. Just start small and add a piece each year you will have a wonderful village in no time.

  5. I think I like your organized boxes almost as much as I love your little Christmas village ;-) I got 4 boxes last year, getting more this year - and I will label mine this time - visiting from Claiming Our Space party.

  6. I am loving your yes...organized boxes-- and all your amazing Christmas decor! Thank you for sharing this at the No Rules Christmas Party!

  7. Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Blog Hop.
    Love your awesome blog. Feel free to check out & follow my blog @

  8. It's all so lovely. The labeling idea is so simple, but one of those aha moments. Visiting from the BSN blog hop.

  9. So lovely. Labeling the boxes is such a simple thing to do, but one you don't think of til later. Visiting from the BSN blog hop.

  10. Wow, it all looks gorgeous! And I love how you have it organized, what a smart idea! Thanks for linking this up to the Winter Wonders & Holiday Happenings link party. I'm glad you did, and thanks for stopping by!


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