Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday #3

--- 1 ---
Alexa lost her shoe on Wednesday at day care. Her teachers have look everywhere. I even went through the garbage, because she loves to throw things away. It's Friday and still no shoe. I'm sure on preschool graduation day in 2015 they will find it and give it to me with her diploma.

--- 2 ---
I went to back to school night at Jacob's school. I liked all his teachers and the vibe around the school. It really made me realize that moving him from his old school was going to be okay. His new school is three times the size of his old, so I was pretty overwhelmed trying to find his classes. I feel story for Jacob because his classes are no where near each other and if the time frame they gave us parents to move from class to class is the same for them, oh boy is it quick.
--- 3 ---
I finally took a vacation day on Monday. Our nephew came to visit from San Diego so Jim & I thought it would be nice to not abandon him by going to work. We hung out at home and Robert had fun playing with Alexa. Robert is Alexa's godfather so he really didn't come to visit Jim & I anyway. He was a great help keeping Alexa busy while Jim & I worked on things we never seem to be able to get to. That evening we met some of Jim's sister and Alexa's godmother for dinner at a great BBQ place. My BBQ chicken was so good. 
--- 4 ---
While Robert was visiting we took him out to lunch at a local diner. Jacob decided he wanted to eat this huge double patty, triple bun burger. We all thought he was nuts so Jim bet him $5.00 he couldn't finish it. 
Notice he struggle a bit half way through, but in the end he did it and now he is $5.00 richer

--- 5 ---
Medical update: Only thing my Dr. said after reviewing my test results was I'm low on iron. Not anemic yet, but getting close. So I've got to start an iron rich diet what ever that means. Hopefully this will bring back my energy.

--- 6 ---
Jim & I had our last Confirmation class last night. It will be sad not having the teens over each week, good thing a new group will be starting in October. Please pray for all the teens at our parish who will be receiving Confirmation on the 25th of August. 

--- 7 ---
I am no longer cool. At least not to Jacob. Rather then drive into his school each day for pickup, he walks to a nearby park and I pick him up there. Near the park is a bagel shop that Jacob goes to each morning and after school with his friends. Well yesterday I went to pick him up and since I hadn't had lunch yet I decided to go get a sandwich at the bagel shop. I texted Jacob to tell him I was there and to just meet me inside.
Here is the text I received back:
"No mom, please leave."
I wasn't sure how to take it at first, then I thought back to my time in Jr. High and remembered I never wanted my mom and dad around either. So I grabbed my sandwich, sent Jacob a text saying the coast was clear and ate in the car. I wonder when he will think I'm cool again?

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