Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As my baby gets bigger...

Alexa is going up to fast I can't keep up. She recently turned 20 months and planning for her 2nd birthday party is already on my mind. Actually I've been planning it since after her 1st birthday party but I really feel like we just had her 1st birthday.
As I think of how quickly she has grown there are a few things she does right now that I don't want to forget as she gets older.
  • To Alexa every animal is a doggy. Cats are doggies; horses are doggies; monkeys are doggies and doggies are her most favorite doggies.
  • Alexa has leaned to go into the fridge and grab her own string cheese, now she can't open it yet but just the fact she gets it by herself is cool.
  • I absolutely love how she runs through the house looking for Jacob yelling Bubba, Bubba.
  • She is a Daddy's girl and watching her light up when he comes home from work is my favorite part of the day.
  • Elmo and Abby are her two favorite Sesame Street Characters, they are the only ones she can name for right now that is. 
  • Alexa's favorite question is "what's that"? She wants to know what everything is and who everyone is all the time. Lots of times she will ask again right after you answered her the first time.
  • Alexa eats everything - I often say she has never met a meal she doesn't like, this includes crayons, glue, paint and dirt. Just to name a few things.
  • Alexa says Hi to everyone she doesn't know. If you know her she won't say a word. Take her to Target and she says Hi to everyone who walks past us.
  • Each night I read Alexa a story, after the story she asks for the book and she looks at the pages before going to sleep and the book always stays with her in her crib. For some reason though she only wants one book at a time so when I give her the story she always gives me back the one from the night before. I thinks it's adorable.
  • She is a rough and tumble little girl. She loves to run around outside and get dirty. Jim & I think soccer will be her favorite sport when she gets older.
  • At mass Alexa will put her hand in the holy water then touch her forehead and chest. We hadn't even begun to teach her the sign of the cross yet, she just paid attention to when we would bless her and bless ourselves. She is so smart.
To my little princess, please slow down. Mommy wants to savor every moment of you growing up and your mommy just can't scrapbook that fast. So please let's just take a day or two or maybe three to stop so mommy can catch up.

To our Heavenly Father, I am humbled by the trust you have in me to raise Alexa and Jacob and I am so thankful for the gifts they have brought into my life and that I get to share them with Jim.

Until next time,

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