Monday, July 23, 2012

My Meal Planning Secret

I'd like to let you in on a little secret..........................
..........................when Jim's not whipping up amazing meals for dinner I have to resort to my secret weapon.

Yep, I go to the freezer and grab one of our family favorite meals from Schwan's Home Delivery. Now before I go any further, I just want to share I am getting nothing for sharing my opinion here. Not even a coupon, in fact Schwan's has no idea that I'm even writing about them. So all opinions come straight from personal experience and my heart. Also all photos came from the Schwan's website which you can find by just clicking the word Schwan's all around this post. 
We choose to purchase Schwan's food based on quality, taste and convenience. It is by no means a frugal way to menu plan but it works for us. With Jim's commute, Jacob's sports schedule and my work schedule convenience trumps cost some of the time. Now they are really not that expensive and if you place your order online you can earn points that can be put toward your next purchase bringing the total cost down. So if I remember to input my order the Thursday evening before my scheduled Friday delivery I can save a little money each month. Schwan's also does not require a minimum purchase, great because there are some weeks I don't need anything and that's okay.

Schwan's food are also very convenient in feeding Alexa. Here are her favorites.
I can purchase large bags of frozen corn, peas and blueberries. I use only what I need at the time, reseal the bag and save the rest for later. I never waste any food and Alexa loves her peas frozen. One of her other favorites I forgot to get a picture of is their mini pancakes. I heat up a few in the morning with the blueberries on top and she has a yummy breakfast.

There are several meals, snacks and side dishes we always order, I wanted to share our very favorites:

1. Mini Apple Bites - Jacob's favorite for snack and breakfast.
2. Au Gratin Potatoes - Okay potatoes with cheese, how could you go wrong.
3. Chicken Enchiladas - This even has some Spanish rice with it. 
4. Chicken Cordon Bleu - Jim's favorite
5. Mediterranean Vegetable Blend - Use what you need, reseal and save the rest for later. I love the fact I don't have to cook the whole bag. 
6. Chicken Kiev - My favorite
7. Roasted Chicken Drumsticks - They are already cooked, you just need to heat them up, add the Au Gratin Potatoes and salad and you've got a great dinner
8. Tilapia Loins - This comes with a spice blend packet that you can mix several different ways. We enjoy mixing it with butter or stewed tomatoes.
9. Chicken Pot Pie - Jim & Jacob's favorite go to lunch. I actually prefer the Beef Pot Pie myself.

If you are lucky to have Schwan's Home Delivery in your area, I encourage you to check it out. You might find something your family enjoys and they can help you with your menu planning also.

Until next time,

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