Monday, June 4, 2012

Organizing My Kid's Memories!!!!

This week I tackled the mass of memorabilia that's hiding under my craft desk. This pile included every piece of scrapbook paper, cards, pictures and embellishments for Alexa's baby book; all of Jacob's school papers from 3rd grade to now that I want to put in albums for him, random cards and pictures I've collected this year, magazines and a candle holder I bought for the backyard last Spring.  
As you can see everything was stuffed in bags, folders and just on top of each other. There was really no system which made the thought of beginning Alexa's baby book very scary and Jacob's school albums just as bad.
When I found these wonderful boxes at Ikea I knew they were going to be part of my solution. The boxes actually come folded so if you buy them and don't use them right away they can be stored simply without taking a lot of room. The boxes were also very easy to put together.
Here are most of the items I have for Alexa's baby book. I went paper crazy when I found out I was having a girl, I also collected every sticker set that was made for scrapbooking a baby book, even if it didn't quite match my style. I tell you I was obsessed. with all things baby girl. In the end it really was to much so I pulled the pieces I knew I was never going to use and worked on organizing the rest.
Here is the finished area, I still had to store everything under my desk but at least it looks much nicer and I can fit the chair under it again. From left to right this is what I did. The plastic handled file box box holds all of Jacob's school papers from 3rd grade to 6th grade that I want to scrapbook. I was also able to keep school theme scrapbook paper that I want to use. The black file box holds everything for the year. Jacob's school pictures, his 7th grade work and any awards he has gotten this year. I also have Alexa's pictures from day care, her art work, and her daily activity logs her teachers write for me. Each is in it's own hanging folder which make it easy for me to add to. The two skinny plastic folders hold all the scrapbook paper I purchased for Alexa's baby book and any memorabilia that was to big for the boxes like her Baptism Certificate and hospital paperwork.  Now for the boxes. The top box holds Alexa's 1st year photos. The 2nd box has all the embellishments I bought to put in her baby book. Box #3 has all the cards we received from my baby showers, after Alexa was born and from her Baptism. The final box is full of cards we have received for birthdays, our anniversary and Christmas over the last few years.

I'm happy I was able to at least bring some order to this mess. I now feel less overwhelmed with the piles to actually put Jacob's school scrapbook and Alexa's baby books together. The task has now been added to my summer to do list. Wish me luck!

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