Thursday, June 21, 2012

My 5 Must Have Cleaning Supplies

I'm one of those lucky wives who has a husband who said yes to a house cleaner. So every other week a wonderful women comes to my home and does all the big cleaning, you know the stuff you hold off to do on the weekends like cleaning the kitchen garden window and everything on it; scrubbing the tub and shower; washing my kitchen cabinets etc. We choose to have her come because we enjoyed our family time and didn't want to spend it doing major house cleaning. This was worth the extra money each month. 

This doesn't mean I still don't clean my home each day and I have 5 tools/supplies I couldn't live without that I'd like to share with you. Each allows me to clean my home quickly and without using harsh chemicals. I'm real big on getting rid of chemicals in my home. You can check out the websites for each of these products by clicking the links under the pictures.

 1. Swiffer Dusters - So much better then a feather duster that just pushes the dust back into the air and even better the Pledge because I don't have to spray any chemicals. 
Source: Swiffer 
 2. My homemade cleaners, check out my post here to see how I made them. I have a floor cleaner, an all purpose cleaner and a disinfectant spray.

 3. Mr Clean Flip it Duster - One side dusts and the other side mops. I have laminate floors throughout my house, being able to dust my floor, spray my floor cleaner and then mop it up all with one tool is a great time saver.
Source: Cleaner Home Living

4. Mr Clean Magic Eraser - I don't know how it works, but it does. I love being able to clean smudges off the wall without having to spray any sort of cleaner on it first.
Source: Mr Clean
 5. My final tool is my Shark Portable Steam Pocket - I was watching late night TV and saw the infomercial for this. When I saw it clean the mold off a boat I knew I needed to buy it for my dad as a Christmas present (he has a boat). I decided midway through the ordering I needed one too and I haven't regretted it. I can clean and disinfect my whole house with hot steam. No chemicals! I wanted to buy the floor steamer but they apparently don't work well on laminate flooring. The steam is so hot it melts the glue holding your floor down. Probably not a good idea. An added plus is that it doubles as a clothes steamer perfect for my clothing that I can't iron.
Source: Shark
So there you have it. The 5 cleaning supplies/tools that help me keep my home clean, disinfected and safe for my family. Plus they allow me to be able to spend treasured time with them.

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