Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Smart Hubby

When we purchased the new furniture for Jacob's room we had to decide what to do with all his old furniture. Some of the pieces are sitting in the garage and a few bookcases we moved into Alexa's room. This left Jacob's desk and my wonderful and smart hubby came up with the best idea.
He put it in Alexa's room and made it her changing table.
 I love how it turned out, she was getting to tall for her previous one so this is perfect.

Her diaper's fit just right in the cubbies.

In the other cubbies we stored her lotions and some books. We have found that the only way to change our wiggle worms diaper is to hand her a book. This keeps her still.  

In the drawers we are holding everything else, her brush, tooth brush, extra binkies and her favorite the bulb syringe. (just kidding she hates that.)

I certainly have the most clever hubby. He's a treasure that's for sure.

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