Monday, May 21, 2012

The Big Bedroom Reveal

It's finally done......well almost. We have just a few posters to purchase and hang up but for the most part Jacob's new room is done.

We purchased all the furniture at Ikea. If you missed reading about our adventure buying everything, you can catch up here.
Without further a do let's check out the before and after.

We went from white furniture to black furniture and Jacob now fits perfectly in his queen size bed.

Huge difference, don't you think. We had Jacob sort through everything and he only kept the things he really wanted into his room. The white shelves have been moved to Alexa's room and the desk - well I'm saving that surprise for tomorrow. For now I will say I have one really smart hubby. Jacob also decided to remove all his trophies that were just participation trophies. His point was that he didn't really earn them anyway.

Clutter controlled! All the books and video games he chose to keep are now neatly stored in the three drawer dresser. Superman also made the cut as you can see, so his cousin Dominic, who commented about it on Facebook will be happy.

On the walls Jacob has been able to really show his personality. Some items he kept from before and others are new. We will also be purchasing some posters of his favorite basketball players and Jim is planning to paint a mural of the Golden State Warriors Logo.

1. LeBron James memoribelia was kept just moved from above the TV to now above the large dresser.
2. We found this teriffic basketball piece at Homegoods. Another amazing store.
3. We found posters of two of Jacob's favorite rap artists.
4. okay I apparently can't count and labeled from 3 to 5. I was watching TV when I was editing my photos.
5. Barry Bonds home run newpaper art. We have had these for years. When Barry Bonds beat the home run record, my father got us these templates from the newspaper he used to work at. Before the invention of digital all newspaper pages were printed using metal templates.
6. Bob Marley - so lovin that Jacob like's Bob Marley, his music reminds me of my honeymoon in Jamica. The small picture in the corner is of Jacob holding Alexa's hand when she was an infant.
7. Baseball bat signed by Aaron Miles, major league baseball player who at the time of the signing was playing for the Cubs.

I am so happy with how his room turned out, if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I have a real problem with clutter. Jacob's room was full of clutter and I would get very anxious everytime I had to walk into it. Now I can happily enter his room which I think he didn't expect.

Until next time,

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