Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh Hail!!!!

Happy Friday everyone,
Surgery update - my slight complication has gotten better so I'm now allowed to be up and around. I feel like a free women. I love my bed, but not this much.
While bed ridden I spent a lot of time on Pinterest, so for my organizing post today I was planning to share my favorite organizing pins. Well God decided to give me another topic. A great moment with my family to share with you.
Just as I was about to sit down and write, the skies opened and a freak hail storm began to rain down upon us. It was so loud and so fun to watch. Looking out our window you would think we were having a snow storm. A very rare feat in this part of California.

Our front door mat. Isn't this crazy! It's supposed to be Spring! 

The closest we will ever get to snow on our front porch

Jim brought some into the house

Alexa enjoyed playing with it. 

Jacob is at a birthday party, so he missed it but since the restaurant he is at is surrounded by windows, I'm sure he will have a fun story to share with us when he gets home tonight. 

Now if this had happened last year, which it probably had at some point during the year, I would have stopped, looked out window and enjoyed the hail storm for a brief moment.  I would not have  appreciated the excitement and the fun that God had just presented to me and my family. I'm so happy to have made the commitment to myself to really stop to appreciate what is right in front of me. This has been one of the best resolutions I've even made. My blog writing has helped with this also because now I look at every moment and ask myself, would my blog readers enjoy this?  Well I hope you do.

Until next time,

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