Sunday, April 15, 2012


Well, I'm still limited in my movements from my surgery. I was able to go to Jacob's basketball games this weekend but it really knocked me out. I tried to make it to work today but I was so exhausted and in quite a bit of pain today my family talked me out of it. I guess that's why my Dr, had wanted me to take two weeks off work. I thought he was kidding. Thank goodness I have an amazing team that can handle everything without me.
Before I share the inspiration I found this week, I'd like to share a blog I found today. Please, Please, Please take a look at it and become a follower. It's Avery's Bucket List. Avery is a 5 month old with an incurable genetic disease called SMA. Her parents have created a blog to help raise awareness of her disease and to share their bucket list of activities they want her to experience before she turns 2 the average age children with her disease live to. Yesterday she got a kiss from a boy, today she was grounded, ignored her parents to watch TV and licked a cake pop. Please share her blog with those you know, apparently there is currently no research happening to find a cure for SMA.
Isn't she adorable.

Now on to my inspiration - This week I've been on Pinterest A LOT. It's really all I'm able to do that doesn't make me tired. I know it's rough! Actually all this pinning is causing me to be a bit stir crazy, I want to get crafting, cooking, organizing and decorating. 

Car emergency kit - I so need this and I have a couple diaper wipe boxes to put this together.

Four Homemade Cleaners - I spend so much money on home cleaners and I can't pronounce any of the ingredients in them. These will save me money and my families health.

Framed Recipes - I absolutely love this idea. I have a few hand written recipes from my Grandmother that I want to preserve and cherish

This board got the most new pins. I have Jacob's 13th birthday this summer and Alexa's 2nd birthday in November, two friends having babies and wedding showers to plan. 
Glowing Tables - Aren't they beautiful

Balloon decorating

Gourmet S'mores - Really do I need to say anymore then Yum!!

Remember I said he's turning 13 this summer, I found a few fun ideas to help us celebrate.
Hang pictures around the room of Jacob growing up. I certainly have enough pictures to choose from.

Lawn Jenga

I am always looking for ideas for sensory boxes for Alexa. This pin gave me tons of new ideas.

Hand print calendar ideas - guess what everyone will probably be getting for Christmas next year ;)

and finally
Water Bottle Teacher Appreciation Gift

Lots of great gift basket ideas

You can follow the rest of My Pinterest Boards. I have ideas pined for most major holidays; books I'd like to read, recipes, Disney, crafting ideas and more. Let's not forget my two favorite boards: It's Great to Be Catholic and All Things Harry

Until next time,

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