Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You've Got to Have a Plan: February

I'm a planner, I always have been and it drives Jim nuts. I can't help it I need to know how each month is going to look from now til the last day in my planner. Which by the way is December 31st. I find comfort in planning and I get excited about the activities that are soon to come. Jim's a day to day kind of guy so I just don't tell him our plans until just before. This seems to work for us.
Here is my planner. My planner is my lifeline. I currently use a planner I purchased from I love that the all the monthly and weekly calender spaces are big and I love that it's so colorful. There are also large writing spaces each month where I can brainstorm ideas and a goals and to do list for each week.

In addition to keeping my appointments straight, I use my planner to record all my ideas for celebrating our treasured family moments. At the beginning of each month I would like to share our ideas with you. Here is our plan for February-
Family Fun Day is going to be at The Jelly Belly Factory. I'm very excited because we have never been there before and we are planning to go on Fat Tuesday so we will pig out on candy before we have to give it  up for Lent and before I get my braces on. Yes I wrote braces. This is how I will spend Ash Wednesday.
Date Night - Coupon Date Night - I found this idea on The Dating Divas Website. It's simple, we just use a coupons for our dinner and activity. The exciting possibility is that we might find a new favorite restaurant. Now I wonder if I can find a coupon for the baby sitter. Just kidding.
Faith at Home - I'm very excited about celebrating Our Lady of Lourdes. We plan to make a mini grotto for the back yard. And of course you can't forget St. Valentine's Day. I found this great idea on Catholic Icing
Here is our Valentine Countdown Chain. Each ring has a bible verse about love written on it. I have it hanging on Alexa's door and each night we will read and talk the verse before going to bed. 

As much as I'm sad that Alexa is not a baby any more (see my post entitled How Can I Stop Time?). I am excited that we can begin lots of fun art activities. You see I used to be a family childcare provider/preschool teacher and I have a head full of ideas I've done over the years. Alexa worked on her first Valentine project today. She decorated hearts for Daddy and Bubba (that's her name for Jacob) with stickers. 

First she crumpled up the sticker, then she tried to eat it. Eventually she figured out what to do. Then she tried to peel them off. We only added a few on each because every time she would finish adding a sticker she would throw the heart on the floor for me to pick up. I was getting tired of bending over so for now they are minimalist art work. We have time later today to add more before the men get home. 

It's Time to Get Organized: This month I will continue to follow the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge. I will be working on my recipes, recycling, coupons, meal planning/grocery shopping and my address/contact information. 

As always I will share my progress and our adventures through out the month. 
So how will you celebrate your Treasures in February? Share them with us.

Until next time,

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