Friday, February 17, 2012

Clip and Save

This weeks organizing challenge was to organize my coupons. I'm just starting to clip coupons so my stash is fairly small. This made for an easy organizing week which was perfect because Alexa is still sick so I could only work on things when she was sleeping. My stash is also small because the grocery store I shop at Safeway has a club card which I can link discounts to every week. This really cuts down on the clutter and I still save a little bundle.
As you can see it is a small stash compared to the extreme couponers on TLC. I was keeping them in a page protector in my Family Everything Binder but they were all mixed up and at times a hassle to sort through. Finding an easy way to organize them was key. I got help on the blog Home Storage Solutions 101. There I found tips on clipping, organizing and using my coupons.
Since I wasn't in need to store a large amount of coupons I felt a binder with pocket page protectors was overkill and I really wanted to be able to keep them in my Family Binder so I decided to go with business envelopes. I used 6 envelopes and attached them together at the flaps so they made an accordion folder.
I labeled them and organized my coupons in the following categories
Baby - this includes all baby food and beverage coupons, diaper and wipes coupons and anything else that is specifically for Alexa
Breakfast - Cereals, pop tart, breakfast bars and Toaster Strudel coupons made it in this envelope
Beverages - Anything you can drink
Pets - Food coupons for Penny and Smokey and also kitty litter coupons can be found here.
Paper and Stationary - All paper products including toilet paper and paper towels, napkins, paper plates etc. I also had a coupon for Bic pens so I put it there because you use a pen to write on paper. I know my logic can be scary.
Personal - All personal care items like shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste. I also added medicine coupons in this envelope.
Pantry - If the items go in the pantry, the coupon went into that envelope.
Frozen - Any frozen food except Toaster Strudel since that went into breakfast.
Cleaning - All cleaning supplies and also air freshers.
Dairy - Milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs. Really everything in the dairy aisle at the store.
Refrigerator - Everything that goes in the fridge that's not dairy. This would also include meats and poultry.
Here is my finished folder. I decided that I wanted a little color to brighten it up so I pulled out my markers and just started to doodle all over the front. I plan to keep this in my Family Binder like before but now I can easily figure out which coupons I have each week. 
If you clip coupons how do you organize them? Feel free to leave a comment and share your coupon organizing strategies. 

Remember I shared on Valentine's Day that Jim and I made our gifts to each other. Well I posted Jim's gift a week ago, but never shared what he made me.

Isn't it beautiful. Jim knows I love to store things in little boxes. My beautiful new box is sitting proud on my scrapbook table and once I finish eating the yummy candy he filled it with, I will use it to store all the small keepsakes I like to collect for my scrapbooks from our adventures. 

Until next time,
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