Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taking Time!

Several month's ago I attended a 6 week stress management class through Kaiser Hospital. It was probably one of the smartest things I had ever done. The class helped me to see the areas in my life that caused me stress and also helped me identify the consequences to my health when I allow events to stress me out. I was also introduced to many ways I can head a stressful moment off at the pass.
One such way was to schedule a planned pleasant activity each week. Something just for me and that I would look forward to each week.
This blog certainly has been a wonderful planned activity, but I also love to scrapbook. While a great love of mine it has been the one activity that is always pushed aside for something else. It's a new year and a new me so scrapbooking is now going to be doing the pushing. Each month several ladies at my church get together to scrapbook. I have missed attending it for the last year but this Friday I went and had a great time. Monday I will share my creations in my Monday craft post so be sure to check back tomorrow. It's so true that taking time for yourself makes a huge difference in your outlook on everything.

Remember in one of my first posts I shared with you our family goals. One of them was date nights and as important time for yourself is, time with your spouse is equally important. At the beginning of the week I told Jim we are having a date night after Alexa gets put to bed and he was to think of some of a treat and activity he wanted to do. Saturday night came and we had Jacob retire to his room, we figured bed at 8 pm for a 12 year old was cruel punishment. Lucky for us Jacob would rather hang out in his room anyway. We each got to choose on aspect of the night. Jim choose dinner since he was cooking, I choose our after dinner treat and Jim choose the activity.
So for dinner we had steak, salad with shrimp, bread and wine. This has been our favorite go to dinner when it's a special night. It was delicious. Jim is a excellent cook. So much better then me. Thank goodness.
Our treat was ICE CREAM!
So yummy even though it's cold and rainy. It's also Jim's favorite treat which was why I picked it.
Our activity, I know Jim picked especially for me.
We cuddled and watched the final installment of Harry Potter. My favorite book and movie series ever! It was such a wonderful "Favorite Things" date night. What I love about it most was that we each choose the other person's favorite thing rather then choosing our favorite thing. That wasn't the plan, it just happened that way. But isn't that what love is all about. Doing your best to make each other happy.

Have a great week and be sure to take sometime for yourself and also time with your significant other.

Until next time,
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