Friday, January 20, 2012

Break Time

Took a break this week from major organizing because work got a bit busy and I was just too tired this week. I think the raining weather is making me sleepy.
Hubby did make incredible progress in the garage over the weekend. I'm so grateful I could actually open the car door all the way without hitting something. I was getting tired trying to squeeze into the van. We still have a lot of boxes to sort through and then reorganize what we are keeping but what he did has made an huge difference. As I have shared before I have been trying to cope with stress and I have found that clutter is my biggest source of stress. I hated driving into the garage each day and seeing piles of stuff. It would really set the tone for me at home, a tone I didn't like. But now it's great, I love pulling into the garage and seeing everything in its place. My stress level has really gone done with all the organizing.

Since this week I couldn't work on a major project, I thought I would share my upcoming projects for an organized home. The following are pictures and blog links of projects I plan to complete in making my home more organized. I hope these spark some ideas for you.
Photo source: Pinterest
 I've decide to join the 52 week challenge on Home-storage-solutions-101. Each week you work on a different area in your home. Next week it's the refrigerator and freezer.

Photo source:
I love this mini office in a chest. Jim has promised to make me two that will sit under our living room windows. We plan to add cushions so they can also be used for seating.  Found this at

Photo source: IHeart Organizing
I am 5 grades behind in organizing and scrapbooking Jacob's school papers and with Alexa going to daycare twice a week, I'm quickly falling behind with her too. IHeart Organizing has a great blog post to help me get it all under control.

Enjoy these great ideas and sites. Next week I'll be back to decluttering and organizing.
Until next time,


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