Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Help! It's a Paper Storm

In my effort to completely declutter my house I had chosen one table to be a catch all for any paper that was floating around. Not surprising, there was a lot. I have struggled with paper clutter forever. For some dumb reason it never seems to make it in the recycle bin. So here is what I needed to tackle.
This included stray papers off my work desk, craft desk, kitchen counter, my car, and the dining room table.
So one by one I've sorted though every piece and placed them in piles on the dining room table.
My piles included: 
Scrapbooking - this had Jacob's school papers I wanted to keep, Alexa's daily notes from daycare (only the ones that included what she did that day), birthday cards from Alexa's 1st birthday, a drawing of me and Jim when we were first engaged, and some random pictures
Medical - We need to keep all our receipts because of Jim's flex care plan
Work - found some paper's that can be filed there (Yes one pile out of the house)
Bills- Yuck! It was the biggest pile but since we have everything on auto pay I just needed to file them away. It's just that there were 2 months worth. 
Recycling - My favorite pile because I got to toss that one. 
Car- Some important things like warranty and tire information needed to be put back. 

Few exciting things I found - the title to Jim's new car (didn't even realize it had arrived opps) and a ring that had fallen off my finger one day when I was driving. I thought it had fallen through a hole in the floor of the van. This made me very happy to find

Now what to do with it all - 
A few things made it to The Reiser Family Everything Binder. I promise to share this in a future post. 
Most made it into my filing cabinet since many of the bills and receipts were from 2011. I created a receipt file for medical and shopping receipts using a 12 divider expandable folder and a binder will now hold all paid bills for the year. The scrapbooking pile will actually be dealt with later, for now it will be in a canvas bag under my scrapbook desk. 
Thanks for joining me in my declutter mission. I hope that my journey helps to inspire a journey for you.
Until next time,

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