Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fantastic Finds

Two of my goals for this year is to get the house organized and to watch our spending. I love when I can do both at the same time. Friday morning I headed to the Dollar Store to see what items I can find to help with my many organizing projects.  Check out what I found!!!!!
I love the white wire baskets. They were perfect for storing Alexa's small snack bowls, I also used one for bags of salad toppings like croutons and dried cranberries I had in one of the cabinets. The 3rd basket is still waiting for a new home.
The blue bowls will be used to store small items in some of our drawers. I also purchased some shelf liners and a small muffin tin which I will use to make Alexa some fun bento style lunches I saw on Finally the blue containers, I used one to store paper plates and the other plastic forks, knives and spoons. The last one was used in my big project for Friday. The Tupperware cabinet. 
This is what I started with:

This is really a horrible cabinet which one day I would love to have redone. When you go into the cabinet and move to the left there is a large space that's for storage but it's very hard to reach. You have to pull everything out to get the item you want that's back there.
Well I pulled everything out of the cabinet, sorted and kept only the items that were complete (meaning it had a lid) and that I absolutely need. The large Tupperware platters I use for parties I stored in the back then placed everything else back based on how much I use it. My final blue container from the Dollar Store now hold all my containers for making lunch. The muffin tin will make it there shortly. See the Superman lunch box? 
A friend gave it to me because I LOVE HIM! and I found it to be the perfect place to hold cookie cutters I will be using for Alexa's lunches. I'm very excited about heart shaped cheese for Valentine's Day. 
So that's how my Friday went. I'm happy to be able to share my home organizing progress with you. I hope that it continues to inspire you to try an organizing project yourself. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss a thing. In the next few weeks I will be sharing some craft projects I've been working on, more organizing ideas, some favorite family recipes and of course all the big family news for the month.
Until next time,
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