Friday, August 8, 2014

Day at the de Young

Before Jacob headed back to school we took a day to take in the art at the de Young Museum. The de Young is located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Directly across the street from my favorite place The Academy of Sciences. I shared our recent adventure there in my 7 Quick Takes #9 blog post.

This was the first time we have visited the de Young. Art museums are not usually our first choice of places to go but we decide to take a leap into the pool of Art culture and actually found that we enjoyed ourselves very much. 

I gave Jacob the camera and as always he took some wonderful pictures even with the inability to use a flash. 

We each had some favorite pieces, including the statue of the man with his hands on his hips (located bottom left in 1st collage), the wooden waterfall (located bottom right in the 2nd collage) and the still life exhibits. 
Currently the museum is hosting an exhibit called Modernism. Both Jacob and I enjoy it but I have to admit that a few of the pieces we thought looked like something Alexa could have created in preschool. I'm sure with continued study on the subject we would be able to understand what made each artist tick and see the true meaning of their paintings. 

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