Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes #9

Beginning of March we finally celebrated my birthday by going to my favorite place: The California Academy of Science in San Francisco. 
We love visiting the penguins. Did you know you can download an app which allows you to watch the penguins from your mobile device. 

The Academy has exhibit called: Rainforests of the World - it's a 4 story dome you can walk through and experience the beauty of the Rainforest. This is my favorite exhibit because butterflies and birds are flying all around you. I only wish I brought the larger lens for my camera. 

I'm staying true to my goal of finding and planning more activities for Alexa - Last Sunday the 1st reading at mass was the story of the Fall in Genesis. We read the story from her Play and Pray Bible and made apple prints. 

Alexa and I went to my niece's baby shower last weekend. I bought her a new outfit at Kohl's. The outfit came with a matching one for her doll, "Baby". While I was telling her about the outfit for, "Baby" and that she can bring "Baby" to the shower, she looked up at me and said, "But mommy Baby well get all wet." I just love that to her going to the baby shower meant going into the shower. 

I am so excited that Once Upon a Time is back on TV. It was a long break.

We went to Jacob's basketball team banquet this week. Jacob received an award for being Team Captain. He's looking forward to another season. 

My guilty pleasure - binge watching House of Cards on Netflix. I just finished season 1 and loved it. The only reason I'm holding off on starting season 2 is I don't want it to end so soon.

I'm very excited about completing a new project at work. I created a Pinterest board for the church. You can check it out at

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