Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Five Favorites - The Thankfulness Edition

Wednesday's at Moxie Wife, Hallie asks bloggers to share their five favorites of the week. This week I'm please to share the 5 things that made me thankful for the treasures in my life

My Bishop
I attend a mass of thanksgiving for the Canonization of Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II. At mass Bishop Barber had so much fun blessing all of us with holy water. He smiled like the cat that ate the canary when he was able to douse the parishioners and they jumped. I just love how truly humbled he is to be our Bishop. 

Alexa's Language
Alexa has her own language, not to far from our own but so cute when she uses her words to describe things.
McDonalds Restaurant is Old McDungles
Her Sophie the First Headphones are called her charger
Polka dots are Colka Dots

Late Start Wednesdays
Twice a month Jacob's school starts an hour and fifteen minutes later then the usual start time. These days I can actually have a peaceful morning and actually eat breakfast at home.

Summer Shape Up
Today was my 1st day of training for the Summer Shape Up challenge at my gym. I'm teamed up with a group of fabulous ladies. We are competing against another team to see which team can loose the most weight in 6 weeks. Wish me luck. (by the way - that is not me in the picture but I hope to be able to bend like that someday.)

Digital Scrapbooking Time
Scrapbooking time is rare right now, so I was thankful I had a chance to create this page to celebrate Jim and my time together for our 20th anniversary.

Until next time,

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