Tuesday, March 25, 2014



This was the message Alexa sent to Daddy a few days ago. Our little rough and tumble princess had a rough and tumble crash. 
According to Jim, Alexa was horsing around in the kitchen and tripped over his shoe and smacked something, we still have no idea what she hit) causing a small puncture type cut at her hair line.
For the rest of the evening we contemplated taking her to emergency. We decided after texting a friend who is an EMT that since the bleeding stopped and she showed zero signs of a concussion  we would wait until the next day to see how it looked.
The next day I sought the opinion of her teachers at preschool, they immediately said, "take her in."
Well after an over 1 hour wait at urgent care (I even had an appointment) the Dr. declared she would need 2 stitches in order for it to heal properly. 
Panic set in and not with Alexa..... I was starting to freak out .... I had no idea how she was going to be.... Would she scream - cry - kick - punch - try to run away? 
The Dr. called in a nurse for a little help and I honestly said, "I'm not sure if I can handle this." She smiled and took her place at Alexa's legs and asked me to hold her hand while she held the other. 
What followed was surprising -
Alexa didn't move an inch, she didn't scream or cry. She just laid back as the Dr. gave her a shot to numb her head then stitched it close.  
She was the bravest 3 year old they had ever seen. I was so proud of her and to make myself feel better I took her to McDonalds then to Target to by a new doll. She choose a new Anna doll from Frozen. 
This whole adventure makes me wonder. What does God have in store for this little one to have made her so brave at such a young age. Only time will tell.  

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