Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes #8

It's Friday and time for another 7 quick takes. Last week my takes were dedicated to Jacob, this week it's all about Alexa. 
A few days ago I made a comment to a friend that if Alexa had the childhood my Pinterest board showed, it would be great. The comment was meant as a joke but as I thought about it more I realized I pin a lots of ideas on my Ideas for Alexa board and then I never do them. With this realization came my new mantra: From now on I'm not going to just pin it but to will actually do it. 

Ideas for Alexa
Here is my board. I've pinned sensory activities, art activities, ideas for when she gets older, birthday party ideas, child hair styles, etc.  

Our first project: Silly Putty (also known as Gak)

1/4 cup glue; 1/4 cup water; 1/4 cup hot water, 1/4 tsp Borax and food coloring. Alexa and I had so much fun making and playing with it. 

My next 5 takes are the projects I'm looking forward to doing with her.

From the blog Early Activities and Projects, I found a recipe for Foam Dough. This is so simple, all you need is equal parts shaving cream and corn starch. Add a little food coloring to give it some color and you are ready to play.

From the blog The Meta Picture: What do you get when you mix 1 cup of clear glue and 1 cup of liquid starch? Slime of course. 

From the blog Picklebums we are going to make a foil collage using aluminium foil, glue and scraps of tissue paper. 

From the blog Domestic Superhero, I found another recipe for homemade playdough. I've made playdough before but this recipe calls for vegetable oil which I have never tried. I'm curious to see how it comes out.

And finally from Catholic Icing. This project can be found on my St. Patrick's Day Pinterest board. We will be making a Saint Patrick Puppet using a paper lunch bag. 

My Ideas for Alexa board is not the only board I plan to finally live out. Stay tuned for more blog posts on Pinterest Inspiration. 

Until next time,

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