Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Forgot My Phone

This video popped up on my Facebook feed the other day. While I don't click on most videos in my feed for some reason I was compelled to watch this: 

Talk about a wake up call  - 

God was really trying to say something to me here. As I was watching I began to recall so many event's in my life that I had viewed from the screen of my iPhone.
  • Alexa's holiday show at school
  • Several plays from Jacob's football games
  • Countless minutes of Jacob's basketball games
  • Alexa's excitement at DisneyJr Live in Disneyland 
This is just the short list.

Then I thought of the countless moments in the car while Jim is driving, when Jacob and I have our eyes glued to our phones and Alexa is watching a video on my Nook. How many wonderful conversations have we missed?

How many God given moments have I missed seeing with my own eyes?
How many times have I missed God?

It is a sad thing to think about really, all those times. God is probably shouting HEY LOOK OVER HERE!! LOOK I'M HERE!! I'M RIGHT HERE, CAN'T YOU SEE ME. I WANT YOU TO ENJOY THIS MOMENT!!

My phone had become my lifeline, my connection to the world, my way to process information and my way to communicate it. My phone is important but not as important as I have made it to be.

God, thank you! Thank you for inspiring the creators of this video. Thank you for leading my friend to post it on Facebook. Thank you for allowing me to see where I am stumbling and challenging me to be a better person. 

My prayer is that this video reaches the hearts of those who need to view this message. 

Until next time,

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