Sunday, January 12, 2014

5 Tips For Your Disneyland Vacation

In October my family and I took a much needed vacation to Disneyland. You can check out the pictures by visiting my post: Finally Pictures from Disneyland.

It had been seven years since our last trip to Disneyland and we knew a lot had changed. So I did a little research to help put our trip together. I was also very lucky to have a friend who's daughter is a frequent Disneyland visitor who sent me a two page list of tips. The following are my 5 favorite tips for a successful Disney trip.

1. Purchase the PhotoPass Plus - Disneyland has photographers scattered all around the park, including at all the character experiences. The PhotoPass is a simple card you hand your photographer and all the photo they take go into one simple account you can access online. The PhotoPass Plus allows you to have all those photos for one price. It is well worth the $99.95 price but if you purchase it at least 14 days in advance you can get it for $69.95. Here is link to access that incredible deal - PhotoPass offer. Using the PhotoPass allowed us to have some wonderful character photos we couldn't have gotten from our cell phone cameras and we also were able to have several family photos taken that had all of us in them. That was a real treat.

2. Stay at a Disneyland Resort Hotel - I know this is not something that fits within everyone's budget but if you can you will find it is worth it. I can't tell you how nice it was after a long day in the park to have such a short walk to our hotel room.

3. Use the Fast Pass system - It's a common tip on most Disney tip websites but it is really worth saying again.

4. Disney Dining - Did you know you can book all your restaurant reservations before you even arrive at Disneyland? You can even book your reservations at restaurants in Downtown Disney.

5. Download Disney park apps on your smart phone. These allowed us to get an idea of estimated wait times for rides, check off rides we had been on, and also set reminders for when we could use our Fastpass or get a new one. I promise to go into more detail in a later post.

I will share more tips in later post, as well as my list of what to avoid while in Disneyland. I'd love to read your tips please share them in the comments.

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