Friday, January 17, 2014

14 Goals for 2014

This month I have been enjoying the daily digital scrapbooking challenges on The Lilypad. Since I am a Photoshop Elements newbie, this month has allowed me to discover new and exciting techniques. I have been sharing my layout's each week. You can find them at MOC Part 1 and MOC Part 2

Challenge 14 was to create a layout highlighting 14 goals for the year. I was very apprehensive about actually creating a list. I've shared before how awful I am with resolutions so I wasn't to excited about creating a list of 14 things to fail at, remember I'm a One Word kind of gal. After much thought I came to realize a few things, first if I didn't complete the challenge I would fail at my goal of completing all 31 challenges. I also figured that if I went the entire year without setting small goals for myself, I would end the year having not completed anything at all. With this in mind I got to work.  

 Here is my finished layout and my list of goals:

Keep me in your prayers.

Until next time,

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