Sunday, December 1, 2013

And God said... "Let Him Play"

This Fall bought many big changes in our household -

First Jacob began high school. Yes high school! I have no idea how it happened. One day I was walking him to the classroom for kindergarten, then I am dropping him off at high school.

The other major change for our family came with the start of football season.  I have avoided the idea of Jacob playing football for many years. Since Jacob was the age for Youth Football, he has asked if he can play. I have made every excuse out there to avoid it - "it cost to much money to play", "they practice four days a week, we can't do that", "you would have to give up basketball" and finally "wait until high school". I said anything to push it off and miss the deadline to signup. Why?

My only motivation for crushing his football dream is this - I didn't want him to get hurt.

Now it's high school and Jacob came to us asking if he could try out for the football team. Of course I had to yes (for the record Jim would have let him play when he first asked years ago.)

Okay now follow my train of thought for a moment - Jacob had never played football - youth football is huge in our area, I figured he was trying out against guys with years of experience - therefore he would be cut after the first try-out - so he would have finally had his chance to try and I wouldn't have to hear about it anymore. See problem solved.

God had other plans, as always....

To quote Woody Allen - "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." Well God must have fallen off his chair with this plan - because ....................................................................


Yep my plan backfired big time and Jacob made the football team.
So how was this first season of football?

Amazing - the team got a new head coach this year, who is great,  the parents love him and most of all the boys love him and want to play well for him. He has turned this struggling football program around, our Varsity team made the playoffs for the first time in several years. 

Turns out Jacob has a natural talent for football - against all those boys with more experience he was awarded the starting cornerback position and toward the end of the season they were grooming him for wide receiver. Will he go back to play JV next year? - Absolutely.

Football has taught him life skills, he has never received in any other sport he has played. - First and foremost a love for God and the desire to give it all out there for God, for the team, for his coaches and for himself. He has developed discipline to work hard both in class and on the field, a skill he has brought with him to basketball, which began it's season 2 weeks ago. 

We have enjoyed our afternoons at the field. It's surprisingly fun to watch your teenage son smash into another boy. I made myself hoarse on a couple of occasions. Alexa has enjoyed cheering on her big brother. She has learned many cheers such as "De-fence" and my favorite "Let's go Lions, let's go! 

I look back and wonder - had God wanted Jacob to play all this time and I just was not listening, instead making my own plans for Jacob. God certainly put a strong desire to play football on his heart, even at an early age but in the end I think we followed his plan. If Jacob had been playing all along, this would have been just another season for us, with just another team. Instead we found joy in a season full of inspiration and hope for the future. 

So God, go ahead and say it ---

"I told you so", love God

Until next time,

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