Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter & an Easter Edition Link Party

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, I hope all of you did also.  

We began on Friday with the annual cross walk held by the Youth & Young Adult Ministry at church. On Good Friday the ministry host a Stations of the Cross walk at a local park. This is one of my favorite events to put together and I was so excited that this year we had the largest turn out ever.  (I'm sorry that I can't share any pictures since they all have teens in them and I don't have permission from their parents but trust me there were a lot of teens.) 

Saturday we decorated eggs. Jacob was available for the first picture then he had to leave. As we are setting up he showed me what he thought was a bite on his arm. It was huge, red and hard as a rock so we decided to take him to emergency. Jim and my Dad took him and all ended well, he has an infection in the tissue of his arm due to a scrape he had received earlier. The doctor gave him antibiotics and by the end of the evening the swelling was down considerably. 
Now back to the egg decorating, Alexa had a blast. I loved watching her get so excited as the eggs became a new color. She really loved adding stickers to them after they dried.
Jim and I attended the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening. Since my Mom & Dad stayed home with the kids it was just Jim & I. A friend of ours called it "Date Night at the Easter Vigil". At first is seemed funny but as mass went on I thought, this is really a perfect date for Jim & I. It has been so long since we have been able to enjoy mass as a couple without kids. I especially valued our time after communion when we could kneel and pray together for our kids, family and friends. It was just the three of us - me, Jim & God. It was perfect!

Alleluia! Alleluia! He is Risen! 
Easter Sunday we hosted a wonderful lunch at our home with both sides of the family but first Jacob and Alexa posed for the mandatory annual Easter photo by the tree!

Here are a few pictures from the Easter decorations. 

Egg Hunt Time!!! Our family has a no age limit egg hunt every year. We fill eggs with money, candy and prize tickets. Everyone brings prizes for all age levels. We let the little ones have first crack at the eggs and then it's a free full all for everyone else. 

Thank you for visiting our Easter Celebration! 

Now let's make this a link party - I would love to see how you celebrated your Easter!! Link Away!!!

Until next time,
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