Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes #5

It's been a few weeks since I've done a family update. I felt it was time. I hope everyone is doing well, I can't believe September is almost over. I'm glad because I'm looking forward to the cooler weather October will bring. 
--- 1 ---
Jacob's friend lost his father early this week. He had been in a car accident and was holding on for a little while but in the end Our Dear Lord called him home. Yesterday was his friends first day back to school. All the kids in their group decided to wear blue shirts to school because it was the father's favorite color. Jim and I are so proud of Jacob and his friends for stepping up and a being the support system this young man needs. May his father rest in peace.

--- 2 ---
Now for some better news - Confirmation signups were last week. Every year I think we will have smaller numbers and as always I'm wrong. This year we had the most teens ever. I actually lost count after we hit 100. Jim & I will be teaching a small group again this year plus 3 parent/teen workshops.

--- 3 ---
We gave up on trying to potty train Alexa. She was telling us when she had to go potty, we'd bring her to the bathroom and nothing would happen. Then we'd put her in a clean pull up which she immediately dirtied. When she was at daycare she would try to stick her hands in the toilet why she was sitting there. So we have decided to wait until after her 2nd birthday which is in November. I think the extra time will be good for her and we really are not in any hurry.   
--- 4 ---
The flu hit our household this week. First Jacob over the weekend, then Jim and I on Tuesday. It was nice being home together for two days even though we were both sick. So far Alexa has stayed healthy, we are hoping it stays that way.
--- 5 ---
Jacob begins is Fall break after today, so he will be off school for the next two weeks. We had originally planned to go on a small vacation but decided we would save our money and take a bigger vacation during the winter break. I'm very excited since we have not been on a "real" vacation in about 4 years. We are looking at two options Hawaii or a cruise. I will be sure to post once we finally decide. Jim will be taking some time off during Jacob's break so we can enjoy a few day trips. We will hopefully hit the pumpkin patch and the coast.

--- 6 ---
Let's get back to Alexa who is growing so quickly - It's amazing to watch her personality blossom. So far we have only had a few blowups which are actually kind of funny. It appears that her expression of disappointment will be very melodramatic. The good thing is that it's not the "everyone will stare at you because you have a crazy child" kind of blow up. It's the "this is so funny, let's do it again so we can watch her" sort of thing. Just in case you are wondering, we don't get her upset just for our enjoyment. We do prefer to have a happy little princess but we are grateful that so far her tantrums are bearable and not stressful for us. Of course we haven't officially hit 2 yet so anything can happen.

--- 7 ---
Sports plays a huge part of our family both as participants and fans. Right now Jacob and Jim are involved in several fantasy football leagues and football pools. Good thing I work on Sunday's because they are glued to the TV and radio. This week our favorite team the SF Giants won their division and are headed to the playoffs. We are so excited for this chance at another World Series Championship. Finally Jacob's basketball season begins next week. It's his final year in CYO basketball. I remember when he was in 2nd grade playing for the first time. He went almost the whole season without making a basket, then in the last game he got the ball on a rebound, drove the ball down the court determined to make his first basket. And that he did......... in the other teams basket. It was so cute, wonderful and funny. Everyone cheered him for the basket from both teams. I'm excited for this final season, yet sad to see his time with the league end. 

So there you have it a quick update on our happenings. Please share what's happening in your family.

Until next time,
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