Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh What a Week!

--- 1 ---
On Sunday we went to my parent's house to celebrate my Dad's birthday. My niece who is 3 was there and as most 3 years old do she needed to use the potty. She also needed my help so Alexa and I took her to the bathroom. Alexa watched her big cousin use the potty and seemed very interested. It was a Sesame Street potty seat so Alexa was hooked at first sight. I asked my niece if Alexa should try the potty, which she said yes. So I placed Alexa on the potty. She sat for about a minute or so, asking me to name all the characters 
on the seat. Before I knew it I heard a plop, followed by another plop. I looked at Alexa and asked "did you just poop?". She smiled and pointed into the potty. I was shocked. We decided to ride this wave while she is still interested so she picked out a Sesame Street potty seat for herself and some pull ups and we are now official Potty Trainers.

--- 2 ---
Jim's birthday was Monday. Unfortunately he had to work so we didn't get to celebrate until the evening. Jim & I are also helping to direct a children's play and we had tech rehearsal also so I brought cupcakes and all the kids from the play sang to Jim after rehearsal. 
--- 3 ---
Speaking of the play. Our family has participated in the theater group at our church for several years We've done everything from acting, stage crew, set construction, help with snack bar and make the calls so the kids are on stage when they need to be. This year the director asked us to assistant direct. I have to share how incredibly proud I am of Jim. Usually in most church activities, I'm in charge and Jim just follows my lead. This time Jim has just shined at this new role. He has been involved in theater since he was a kid and his father used to direct many melodrama's when he was alive. Jim has his father's talent for directing. I know his Dad would also be proud.
--- 4 ---
At the end of the school year, we made the tough decision to move Jacob from his private school and put him into public to finish his final year of middle school. We had two reasons, one was money. Alexa's daycare is really expensive and it was hard not having any extra money each month, the other is that he wants to attend a school that is in another district for high school, our hope was if his current district would release him for jr high, they might be just as willing for high school. Little did we know getting him out of  his current district was the easy part. I was on the phone at least once a week to the new school district all summer asking if a spot had open yet and if they would accept his transfer. School began in that district on Tuesday and we still had not heard anything.  At 1:30 pm on Tuesday I got a phone call from the district saying that they had a space and would approve his transfer. I had to rush to the district office, pick up the approval letter, then go the school to register him, then go buy school supplies because we had nothing and he was starting school on Wednesday. We got everything done and purchased and Jacob really loved his first day at his new school. Jim & I are very happy and proud that he is able to attend a brand new school and get comfortable without a problem. 
--- 5 ---
As a Close to My Heart Consultant, this week was an exciting week. The new Autumn/Winter Idea book debuted. This is the best book I have seen from Close to My Heart. It not only includes the cutest papers and stamps, the ideas are amazing. If you would like to check it out online just go to my website.

--- 6 ---
My medical update isn't much of an update, so far it looks like I'm low in iron and vitamin D. I'm not sure if this is why I'm so tired, I'm still waiting for a message from my Dr. to let me know her conclusions. My friend has a theory, she thinks I might be allergic to my braces. That would be my luck. 
--- 7 ---
I have officially given up trying to stay away from Olympic results during the day. Everyday I have accidentally found out the results of events I was planning to watch in the evening. Darn time difference. Oh well. I'm still enjoying the Olympics very much. How about you?

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