Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why I Blog & Some More Blogging Awards

I started my blog at the beginning of the year as a way to help me stay on track with our families goals for the year and to give me an outlet as I struggle with postpartum depression. What I have gained has been the opportunity to become friends with some truly amazing people from all over. Blogging has made the world become a bit smaller for me and I am so grateful for it.
As I look back on original posts I can really see how my blog is starting to evolve. My posts lately already seems very different then when I first began. I'm very excited to see the direction my blog will be heading and I hope that all of you will continue to walk this journey with me. 

I'm so pleased to share that Hilda from the blog From Overwhelmed to Organized had awarded me with the One Lovely Blog and Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I find it so ironic because I find Hilda's blog very inspiring, I should be giving her this award. When you have a chance please stop by her blog, she has some wonderful posts on organizing her home. 

The rules for the award are simple:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post: Thank you Hilda for thinking of me.
2. Share 7 Things about yourself
3. Nominate 15 bloggers your admire
4. Leave a comment on their blogs letting them know they have been nominated. 

I decided to ask Jacob to come up with the 7 things about me. Here is what he said, remember he's a teenager.
1. "You like to talk"
2. "You're good with scrapbooking."
3. "Sometimes I can barely read your handwriting so it's good you are typing this."
4. "You wake up too early."
5. "You're addicted to iced coffees."
6. "You're good at managing things like time and your work."
7. "You are a good mom to Alexa and I."

He is so sweet and I didn't even have to bribe him to say those things. It's funny the things he's noticed though, I never thought of myself as good at managing anything. I always feel in chaos. Maybe my chaos looks manageable. 

Now for my 15 bloggers to nominate: (in no particular order)
1. Crafolic
2. Darling Doodles
3. Natural Nesters
4. Day by Day In Our World
5. The Trendy Treehouse
6. While He Was Napping
7. Equipping Catholic Families
8. Many Little Blessings
9. Natasha In Oz
10. The Kennedy Adventures
11. Home to 4 Kiddos
12. Two Sasters
13. Create With Joy
14. The NY Melrose Family
15. My Beautiful Crazy Life

Congratulations ladies, enjoy the award.

Until next time,


  1. Dear Karri

    Congratulations on your well-deserved awards - and thanks so much for passing them on to me! You really know how to make a gal blush - and to make her day! :-)

    You've picked some fabulous bloggers to pass these awards on to - I'm honored to be in their company!

    Have a wonderful weekend and continue to

    Create With Joy

    1. You are so cute, I'm so happy to have made your day. You deserve them also.
      You have a great weekend also.

  2. Thank you SO much, Karri! I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I am honored and grateful that you chose my blog for the award. God bless, Lisa

    1. You are so welcome Lisa, As someone who is discerning homeschooling my little one I have found your blog to be very helpful and inspiring. Have a great week.

  3. Blogging is a great journey isn't it Karri?! I'm glad we're taking it together and inspiring each other along the way. You deserve this award! Oh, and I love all the great things your son said about you :)

    1. I am too Hilda, I'm so happy that I started doing this. Thanks again for the award. Have a great weekend and keep on organizing.

  4. It was lovely to hear your blogging story-I so agree with you about the joys blogging can bring. I love how it connects people from all around the world!

    Congratulations on your award and many thanks for including me!

    Best wishes and here's to many more happy years of blogging!
    Natasha in Oz

  5. :) Congrats and thanks so much for passing this onto us:)

    1. You are so welcome. I saw that you also became a new follower to my blog. Thank you very much.

  6. Oh thank you so much, Karri!! I'm just bubbling over with awards this month!! And so have you!! ;-)
    You are 100% right that blogging make the world seem smaller! And my blogs have helped me stay on track, too! It's been awesome!
    Forgive me if I take a little while to post about this. Things have been very busy at our house! God bless you and your wonderful family!!

    1. No worries at all, I know you have quite a few award posts to write. Many blessings to you this week.

  7. Thanks so much, Karri!...what a nice surprise.
    I love your blog and I appreciate your award.
    I'll try to respond soon!

    1. You're welcome and thank you for the praise. Have a wonderful week.


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