Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Often Wonder

I often wonder how many time's  a day God is laughing at me. I seriously think he gets a kick out of watching me totally struggle to find the path he wants me to take only to find out I've been on it all along. Years ago I took an assessment from the Catherine Sienna Institute that told me which gifts I am blessed with from the Holy Spirit. I scored very high in wisdom. My friend at the time just looked at me and said, "now do you trust yourself?" I guess it still didn't totally sink in.

Right now I'm discerning a number of things:
1st: Where does God want the Youth and Young Adult Ministry and Confirmation Program that I am in charge of to go?
2nd: I'm discerning if it's God's will to home school Alexa in a few years.
Finally I'm discerning where God really wants this blog to go.
If I look at my stats on Blogger, most of the traffic that comes to my blog happen when I post an article about organizing, housekeeping or crafting. This I love and will never stop doing. Yesterday however I was not in the mood to craft, organize or share a housekeeping tip. Yesterday I just wanted to write about the loss of family friend. Then I questioned would this have been something people would have wanted to read about? I just wasn't confident since my blog is so new. As you can tell I never did write about it, I just didn't write at all yesterday.

So back to the path so far - just when I wondered if I was reaching people with my little blog, I was surprised to find out my Household Cleaners post was featured on two blogs this week.
Yesterday on Day to Day in Our World and today on Blissful and Domestic. I'm very thankful for these ladies to think so much about my post to share it with their readers. Well it looks like I might be heading in the right direction.

To God: I'm so happy that today I can make you smile at my ability to 2nd guess myself once again. For the future I have one request, how about a road sign or two along this path. That would be very helpful. Actually God has been adding some road sign I just don't always see them. Currently my road signs are all of you, my lovely readers.

My question now is this, I really want to provide you with a place to come each day where you can discover the treasures all around you. What are some of the things I can do to make that possible? Some of the features I've done over the last few months have been organizing, recipes, inspiration I have found on Pinterest, crafting, and our family fun. Would you like me to keep those up?
I've also been thinking about a few posts that are just reflective. Would that be of interest? Please leave me a comment or send me an email to share your ideas. I really appreciate the advice.

Until next time,
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