Monday, April 23, 2012

Retreat! Retreat!

This is my week for retreats. I am currently at our parish staff retreat which goes until Wednesday, then I leave Friday for our Life Teen High School Ministry retreat. By Monday I think I will be retreated out. If that's even a phrase.

Our staff retreat is always bitter sweet for me. I hate meetings so imagine a meeting that's lasting around 2 days. This is enough to make a jitter bug like me go nuts from having to sit for so long. Luckily we have a few activities planned that don't involve just sitting.  In addition to my inability to sit still I always miss my family so much. I'm sure Jacob will be 2 inches taller and Alexa will be speaking in complete sentences by the time I get home on Wednesday. Let's not even begin to discuss the idea of not kissing my incredible hubby goodnight. Ugh!

I know I'm overreacting but I really miss them.

Some high points to this retreat, sometimes it's good to get away from the busyness of the parish to really reflect on if we are following God's path when we are planning and the beauty of this retreat center makes it very easy to do. I have also decided to use this time to really rest from my surgery, since it's very hard to do that at home. So for the next few days I won't worry about the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping etc. Hopefully I will return on Wednesday back to my old self. One other great perk is that this retreat center is near where I grew up so coming here brings back lots of memories as I drive along the streets and since my Mom and Dad live near by they are going to be joining us for dinner tomorrow. Another great perk.

Enjoy the few pictures I took of our beautiful surroundings and please keep our staff in your prayers over the next few days.

Until next time,

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