Monday, April 2, 2012

Do you have an old shoe box hanging around?

I have a collection of prayer cards scattered around my house. I have a few in my inspiration journal, some on my prayer table, a few on the fridge, some in my Nook case and so on and so on, I hope you get the picture they are kind of everywhere. I really needed to figure out what I was going to do with all of them in order to keep the safe and to also be able to keep track of the collection. I decided to decorate a box to hold them all. 

I just recently bought Alexa new shoes so I took her shoe box. I had this Close to My Heart kit titled Miracle which I had purchased a long time ago but had never used. I decided to only use elements from the kits, it kept my work area cleaner that way since I wasn't needing go through my entire collection of embellishments.

I covered the bottom and the lid with cardstock and rubbed Crystal Blue stamping ink on all the edges.

Then I took different elements and paper from the kit and started decorating. 

My kit came with some beautiful cardboard die cuts that had a design on them using a material resist to the stamping ink. I was able to ink the entire butterfly and the ink didn't stay on the design. I could have kept the butterfly the way it was but the kit also came with corresponding stickers for the die cuts that were too pretty to pass up. 

My finished box. I had only two choices for words. I choose the Celebrate sticker because that's what all our Saints are doing up in Heaven. Celebrating with our King!

I went around the house and gathered all my prayer cards for my box. My plan is to pull out a card or cards to place on my prayer table the month of that Saint's feast or when I need prayers from a particular Saint.

My box now sits on my prayer table ready to be used. Of course you can use your decorated box for just about anything. I have another one I made several years ago that hold rosary beads, you can also make one to hold special notes from someone special. The possibilities are endless.

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