Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm on Fire!!!

Greeting everyone, I would like to thank all of you for your prayers for our Confirmation teens and for the team during our retreat this weekend. The Holy Spirit was amazing and many of our teens left with an incredible fire for Christ. Please continue to keep them in your prayers that their fire stays strong.
I came into the retreat with the intention of leading from afar. I purposely did not take a session to present or offer to share a testimony because I just felt that I wasn't in the best place. This last year has tough trying to balance, faith, work and family and I just didn't feel much of a fire in my heart so how could I light one with our teens.
God of course had other plans for me and by the last day, I had a fire that was blazing. Who knew taking two bus loads of teenagers on a retreat was the match I needed.
I ended up giving an unplanned talk after the last session. The Holy Spirit took over and for about 20 minutes used me to upset the apple cart. It was amazing, all of my team was shocked at what had come over me, some wondered were I went because the women standing before them was not the Karri they knew. When I was done or should I say when the Holy Spirit was done, I was attacked by hugs and high fives from my team because of what came out of my mouth.
What I said was the truth -

  • That some of the teens still had not opened up to the experience of the weekend.
  • That just because this is the faith of their parents didn't make it wrong and to not use the fact that their parents are making them do this keep them from seeking the truth.
  • That most of what society tells them about our Church is wrong and to challenge my team to seek the truth. That only after knowing the truth can they really pass judgement.
  • That sports activities should never keep you from visiting Christ each week at mass. If God was truly important, they would make it work. 
  • Just because your parents don't attend mass, it's not an excuse for you. If you need a ride call us and we will help get you there.
  • If your parents don't attend mass, be the example and pray they will follow.
  • Just because you don't like the priest, the music is horrible or its boring should keep you away from Christ in the Eucharist.
  • I encouraged those teens who had been open and found themselves closer to Christ to be strong and to share their experience because some of the teens in that room still needed to hear the message.
  • That Christ in the Eucharist in most important and nothing should keep them away. 
There was a lot more I said but really I don't remember all of it because it just came out so fast and with passion I was surprised I had. Some teens thought I was mad at them. It ended with several teens sharing some incredible testimonies about their weekend, even one realizing that God is their truth. I had many teens come to me after thanking me for what was said. One didn't realize until then that the team really cares about them. Several asked how they can become core team members for our Jr. High Ministry. Then I had a small few who were made to feel very uncomfortable about what was said, even to the point of being very angry. It reminded me of Jesus and the Pharisees. I knew the Holy Spirit stirred many hearts on Sunday, mine included. 
This Lent is really showing to be the best Lent ever.

Until next time,

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