Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little Tornado

"A Little Tornado" is my new name according to Jim. Since New Years Eve, I have been going through every corner of the house throwing away almost everything and organizing the little bit that has stayed. This has been the most intense organizing I have ever done. Every so often I get into this kick of organizing the house for which the efforts usually last for a few months, then I'm back to cluttered chaos. This time is very different. I've come to realize that lots of stuff and especially unorganized stuff is one of the biggest sources of stress in my life. This stress has be crippling over the last year as I have struggled with postpartum depression. So operation cleanup had to begin.
I found so many great resources to help me become more organized, I'm so excited to be able to share them here.
I read an ebook entitled Simplify by Joshua Becker - in it he shares how he and his family choose to live a minimalist lifestyle and how they went about making the change.
I found 3 amazing blogs that are filled with a ton of organizing ideas: Delightful Order; A Bowl Full of Lemons and I Heart Organizing.
Finally Pinterest has been my new best friend, many of the ideas I've incorporated I found there.
So I decided to take pictures of my progress so far. Sorry there are no before pictures, I choose to not take them because I didn't want a permanent record of how they used to look. Only looking forward is my motto right now.
 I found these amazing fridge organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I love that Alexa's snacks are so easy to get to and our yogurts are no longer getting lost in the back.

 My art cabinet in our garage is probably my favorite project so far.

I didn't realize how many lotion's I had until I put them together in one basket. I decided to keep them all because winter is brutal on my skin. (sorry for the blurry picture.)

For now I've decided to put everything without a permanent home on a small folding table and I plan to attack it after I get most of the spaces done.

All together I've made 3 trips to a local charity with donations, I filled the garbage can twice and I have another pile ready to go, it just won't fit. I've organized my desk, linen closet, 4 kitchen cabinets, my bathroom cabinet, both medicine cabinets, the cabinets in my laundry room, all our Christmas decorations, and the various book and magazine baskets spread around my house. 
Lot's done yet still lot's to do. I look forward to sharing with all of you my progress. 

Until next time,


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