Friday, January 27, 2012

Label Mania

This week I labeled my kitchen. I made the labels in Microsoft Publisher, printed them on photo paper then back them with some brown cardstock: Here is the first batch of finished labels. 

I attached my labels with glue dots: I labeled my paper products, Alexa's food and bowls, salad fixins, my snack and cracker bins, pasta baskets and the bin that holds our hot chocolate packets. 

For baskets I used a pretty piece of ribbon to attach the tag. 

This week I also revamped my weekly rundown sheets for the Fancy Clipboard I made a week ago. I was originally using a printable I found online but it just didn't work with my family. Here is my finished product.
In the daily spaces I write what meetings, practices or other activities we have that day. I have a menu box and a shopping list section for last minute items. I also added an activity supply list. Each week I will go over the supply list for Alexa's art activities and make sure I have everything needed. Nothing is worse then planning a project and not having the supplies needed. 
If you would like a PDF or Publisher file of my labels and weekly rundown. Send me a message with your email address at and I would be happy to share it with you. Note that the PDF file can not be altered but the Publisher file can.  
Have a great week organizing your treasures.

Until next time,

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