Thursday, March 27, 2014

What I Wouldn't Do in Disneyland!

Last October we took the kids to Disneyland to celebrate Alexa's 3rd birthday. Check out my post "Finally Pictures from Disneyland  to see our vacation and my 5 Tips For Your Disney Vacation post.

Today I would like to share 2 things I would avoid while in Disneyland.

1. Go to Blue Bayou Restaurant - We loved the Blue Bayou and on every previous Disney vacation we made sure we took on afternoon to enjoy lunch. Our last trip had been 7 years ago and Jacob still remembered the pirate hats and lunch under the stars. He wanted Alexa to have that memory and was adamant we made time on this vacation. We were incredibly disappointed - the restaurant had become one of the most expensive places to eat in the resort. The pirate hats were gone and the food portions were tiny. They certainly became a restaurant that was not family friendly as far as we were concerned. No amount of money will get us to ever go back.

2. Not taking a break - Because we only had 3 days we wanted to make sure we didn't miss a single thing. We got to the park when it opened and left when it closed and didn't stop in between. In the end we needed a vacation to rest from our vacation. For our next vacation we will make sure we take a few hours each afternoon to go back to the hotel and rest.  If we can maybe even take a nap. I will also bring a container of Epsom salt so we can soak our feet in the afternoon and before we turn in for the night. My feet were so sore after the first day.

So there you have it, only two things I would have changed. I think that's pretty good.

Until next time,

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