Monday, March 31, 2014

Glitter Bottles

On my Ideas for Alexa board on Pinterest I recently pinned a blog post on how to make a Relax/Time Out Timer. The post came from the blog My Crazy Blessed Life. What are relax/time out timer? you ask. Let me show you.

I had decided to call them Glitter or Sparkle bottles when talking about them to Alexa. She hates the words "Time Out". My hope is that when Alexa is having a melt down, I can have her sit with her glitter bottle and eventually watching the glitter swirl will calm her down enough so we can talk about her behavior or what upset her in the first place.
Here is how we made them:

This is what we used to make each bottle - clear glue, glitter glue and ultra fine glitter. You will need hot water which goes in first. Fill about 3/4 to start with.  

Add the glitter glue to the bottle of hot water.  

 Next add the clear glue followed by the ultra fine glitter. Add more water to make the bottle full. Finally glue the tops shut.

Now shake and enjoy!

As of posting  we have yet to use them in a melt down situation. I'll be sure to update when we do.

Until next time,

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