Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dizzney Mania

In April our Church had it's annual dinner auction to benefit the school, religious education program and the Youth and Young Adult ministry program. Once again I was in change of transforming our gym into our version of the Happiest Place on Earth. (So no one thinks I can't spell we decided to spell Disney as Dizzney to avoid any copyright problems in our advertising)

From the beginning I knew I wanted surround the room with silhouettes of some of our favorite Disney character. I was very lucky to have a former teen from my youth group who is an amazing artist. Every silhouette was hand drawn and inspired by a picture she had on her phone. They were amazing.  

To help pull the rest of the theme together I went to Pinterest. (If you would like to view my Pinterest board full of great ideas including the ones I used click here.)  

Enjoy our Dizzney Mania Auction........

Semi full view of the room

One of the auction tables 

This year we had featured premier tables. Premier table holders received a bottle of wine, real serving pieces, two personal waiters and bottled waters. Each table featured a different Disney character or characters.
(Pictured here clockwise: Princess, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Goofy)

It all started with a Mouse! Mickey and his better half were our featured characters of course.

The Mickey Mouse theme table. (Pinterest inspired) 

One of the two Disney Princess theme tables. 

The Donald Duck table. I also had a Goofy table, a Minnie table, a Pooh Bear table, an Alice in Wonderland and Tinkerbell Tables. 

These decorations would have never created if it were not for the wonderful people who volunteered to help.  I am very grateful to all of them. They made the week of decorating stress free. Well not totally stress free, I'm not going to lie but they did help to keep my stress to a manageable minimum. 

So now it's time to gather ideas for our auction next year. We've decided to go to the Islands! Now my mind is focused on grass skirts, coconuts  and tiki tourches. 

Until next time,

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