Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why We Love The SF Giants

Our family is flying high with SF Giants World Series win tonight.  We are huge Giants fans and this last week has been a whirlwind of emotions. What's so funny is, as excited as we are about them winning, we are sad that the baseball season is now over. Jim is already checking out travel packages for Spring Training. Yes that's how dedicated we are. 
The kids have been going to games actually since before they were born. Jacob was born during the Giants final year at Candlestick Park and Alexa was born the year they won their first World Series in 2010. 

Here is why we love them:
1. Jim has been a fan for 35 years (now that's dedication)
2. They are a cast of unique characters, where else can you fear the beard, see a freak, dress like a panda and dance with a seal.
3. Buster Posey - say no more.

Jacob's First Baseball Game April 2000

4. We have the best radio and TV announcers in the major league.  
5. Our ball park has a slide.
6. Our colors are orange and black - of course we should be the team in October

Giants Fan Fest February 2011 - Alexa's First Trip to the ball park

7. They never give up - Just look at the playoff games leading up to the World Series
8. The Perfect Game by Matt Cain

Alexa's First Baseball Game June 2011

9. A Giants game is the best date night ever!!
10. Garlic Fries - Yum!

Plans are being made to attend the parade in a few days, check out the World Series Trophy when it goes on tour, visit Arizona for Spring training and Jacob has asked to go to Cooperstown. 

Yes we Love Baseball and our San Francisco Giants!!!!

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  1. We are a baseball family like that, except with our Phillies. :-) I remember so well our World Series parade 4 years ago. It was such an amazing experience. I hope you just LOVE it! My 13 year old son went to Cooperstown with his grandfather this summer for his birthday. He said it was incredible. Congrats to your team! We, too, are counting down the days to spring training! ;-)

    1. Thanks Lisa. Jake and Dad are at the parade right now. I'm home with Alexa but watching it on TV.


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